Welcome to The World, a group for .Hack fans on Tegaki E. Here, I will explain how to start off and play,

among other information you might need. if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message here or on our Tegaki Enties.

Lets get Started

1st thing you need to do is read through The Rules. To choose a class, you can check Who's Online for the list of classes, and other players who are also playing. Seeing other applications may give you an idea on your own character.Once you do that, you can move on to How to apply to find out what you need in order to create your charater. Once your Big App is finished your ready to play.

How to play

Once your all accepted and such, you can start to roam The World. To gain levels, you can read through Leveling System. Activity and Effort is a large part of gaining levels, not just with Events, but with Quests too.

Cobalt Knights

The Cobalt Knights are players and The World staff that help to keep things running smoothly. Their job is to repair the world, help players with what ever problems they have, and to deal with A.I