1. Respect each other.

2. Excessive PK'ing is against the rules. It's just like a regular MMORPG, it will get you in trouble.

3. Cobalt Knights are run by Demi and will continue to do so until more active users are present.

4. You must fill out a Mini App - then a Big Appin order to participate in The World TegakiE online group.

5. No characters are allowed to be complete carbon copies of the main characters from the game or from the anime.

6. There will be no characters who have the ability to Data Drain unless given permisson by a mod.

7. Do not add and harass the mods of the group for spoilers. It ruins the fun.

8. Do not spam The World Tegakiwith begging on getting your application accepted or denied. 1 comment is allowed to remind us that it is needed.

9. Please post as often as you can. The club will die without active users and Plot Stories are far more fun when there's more than just three people playing. :(

10. Just have fun. Don't be scared to interact with the mods and other characters or to make friends with other users. It's an open rp group after all