A Quest is an objective based mission that can be attempted by players in The World. Unlike normal field objectives, which generally focus on defeating bosses or locating a Beast Statue quest objectives range from hunting stray robots, to obtaining rare paint ingredients. Quests differ from Events in that they are usually run by NPCs rather then game administrators, and also because they can be accomplished at any time, unlike an event which is usually only available for a limited amount of time.

Quest information will be stored here.

NPC refs and locations for the begining of the quests will also be here.

In order to begin a quest, you must let the quest NPC know (this will be updated later when I get the acc set up).

:Current quests:Edit

  • -Weapon upgrade-

Required: +Collect all 17 Lucky Animals

  • -Guild master certification- (guild creation quest)

Required: + The requirements change each time, so you'll have to ask the NPC.

  • -Fix My Baphomet Sword!-

Required: - Ingredients will vary per class per quest, must have at least a level of 5-10, can only be performed once.


  • Weapon Upgrade-

Level up of weapon.

  • Guild Master Certification -

Guild creation.

  • Fix My Baphomet Sword! -

Class Weapon Set with unique stat boosts. Tradable with other players, only one per character, added bonus of healing scrolls and potions for lower levels. Weapon stat boosts last for only 10 levels.