Project .hack was the first generation of the .hack series. It launched in 2002 with the PS2 game, .hack//INFECTION and the anime series .hack//SIGN. The project was a multimedia project involving Koichi Mashimo, Kazunori Ito, and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Since then Project .hack has spanned television, video games, manga, novels, and even trading cards.

The setting of Project .hack is a future world in which the majority of Earth has been connected to the Internet and almost all computers use the operating system Altimit OS. The story is centered around a fictional MMORPG named The World and a series of events known as the Twilight Incident in which players of The World began falling into comas.

The WorldEdit


The game itself is what our group is based after.

An online game filled with players to the brim. Using Headsets, players freely move inside a totally realistic world. Your characters are players of this game. What kind of adventure will they find?

Game WorldEdit

The World's storyline is based off of the Epitaph of Twilight, an epic poem by the web author Emma Wielant. In the game the world has been under attack by monsters, which has forced the forces of good to retreat into fiercly defended cities and forts. Only adventurers (represented by the players) are allowed to penetrate the magical shields around these safe havens and battle with the monsters that lurk outside. These adventurers draw their power through their mastery of waves, symbols that are inscribed onto their bodies and equipment that allow them to channel the power of the elements into their bodies in the form of magical skills and abilities.