This was a really good idea one of my favorite groups, Topaz Guardians, uses, and a game group like this really needs.

Players from before the reorganizing will be able to reapp their characters, but will still be assigned a level. However, they are given a level boost to lvl 5, giving them arena access.

Dont forget World:R2 class skills go by lvl, not weapons. you can only use skills your level allows.

Levels can be gained from the following ways:


This will depend on the difficulty of the quest and the current level of the player, meaning, a high level player cant level easily with a lvl 1 quest.


Activity durring events will also lead to experience and levels.

The higher level you are, the more areas you will be able to visit, along with items you will be able to use.

Quests and various things will be unlocked as you level, such as creating guilds and renting grunties.

Also you can gain access to the colosseum at Lumina Cloth.