There are many hidden quests among the posts on the BBS , and some you can't find just by playing.

World BoardEdit

Posts with area names sometimes have quests or special events that happen if you travel there or to the bottom of the dungen. Some are even from the games themselves. In order to activate these quests, you must post on the board where it states the quest in BBS format:

  • =Topic here= <-- you need the = on each side)
  • Author:(player characters name here)
  • link to your post so we can guide you along

Remember to stick to what the quest states and read properly. If it says solo, go solo, if it says bring friends, that means FRIENDS, not another of your characters. This way, your not self RPing all the way to the bottom of a dungen lawl.

Random EventEdit

Some events will activate at random, mostly on topics that are very active. But once in awhile, you'll get one right off the bat. Best way to get one started is for you to get playing!

Too bad!!Edit

Not every quest ends an adventure. Sometimes, well, no one's home! So you gotta keep trying. Some find them, some don't. It wouldnt be fun if it was all easy peasy.