A Guild (ギルド) is a group of players with the same interests joining together.

Becoming a GuildmasterEdit

The quest to become a guildmaster begins with the creation of an @Home and a Grunty. The prospective guildmaster then must undertake the Guild Master Certification Quest .

Guild RankEdit

Guild Rank is a measure of a guild's status in The World.A guild's rank determines its @Home's capabilities, such as increased warehouse capacity and connectivity to Chaos Gates, and guilds with high ranks are recognized by CC Corp and given a field @Home. Guild rank is determained by the number of Guild memebers.

  • Guild Rank 2: Expanded Storage (60 Items, 60 Equipment). In addition 7 items can be place in the guild shop
  • Guild Rank 3: @HOME storage access at Chaos gate.
  • Guild Rank 4: Teleport between previously visited Chaos gate.
  • Guild Rank 5: 10 items can be sold in the Guild Shop.
  • Guild Rank 6: Expanded Storage (up to 75 of each item and equipment). Chaos gate Alchemy.
  • Upper Class Guild: at rank 7 or higher you may expand for 100000 GP. The cost of Alchemy is cut in half. Up to 95 of each item and equipment can be stored.
  • Guild Rank 7: Up to 120 of each item and equipment may be stored.
  • Guild Rank 8: Recover partial HP and SP once at a chaos gate in an area. 15 items may be sold in guild shop.
  • Guild Rank 9: Recover all HP, SP as well as status abnormalities only one time at a chaos gate.

Guild ShopsEdit

Guilds have the ability to run a Guild Shop. Such shops can be staffed by any member of the guild, and running a shop is entirely optional. By taking advantage of the gap between sellback and buy prices at the NPC shops, Guild Shops can sell items at prices that benefit both the buyer and the seller. The number of items that can be carried is limited by Guild Rank.