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  • Level 5 Adept Rogue
  1. Edge Punisher
  2. Shadow Warlock
  • Skills:
  1. Tiger Blitz
  2. Twin Moons
  • 4' 7" tall

    A picture of Dr. Obso.

At first he played out of curiosity since it was so popular. When he got around to level ten he met a level 72 Edge Punisher named [Nova]. After a while she became his best friend. They would go to special events and scour dungeons, but they mostly just sat back and relaxed as they enjoyed the scenery of the world. They frequently met in real life. [Nova] started to notice that Dr. Obso was the kind of person to leave things half done, so she told him that if he were to keep at the game long enough to reach his job extend, her sword would be his. Obso took her up on the bet and started grinding day and night.

The two of them were doing there usual routine of talking in the fields several days after the bet. Unfortunately, there were other more maleficent beings in the fields as well. The ground shook and the sky cracked open. A virus of some sort was attacking them. For some reason they couldn't pull themselves away from their computers. They started to make their last, futile stand when Dr. Obso blacked out. He was absent from the game for a few months. When he returned, he spark had seemed to have left him. After meeting Kliibu and others, Dr. Obso left for a couple more months. He returned to find that the level of his character was reduced.

In Real Life: coming soon!