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The Arena is an area for PvP combat located on the Omega Server. Unlike the PKing that occurs in other parts of The World R:2, all combat in the Arena is consensual. Some guilds exist solely for Arena competition. As items cannot be used in the Arena, Harvest Clerics and other casters are considered invaluable.

There are three Arena circuits by level, called Palaces.

In the Arena, teams of up to three players fight against each other in organized matches. Successful wins earn each team points, which increase their rank in their arena Palace. After a certain period of time, the top 4 teams in a Palace will face each other in a tournament. The winner of this tournament then holds an exhibition match against the current Emperor. Whoever wins becomes the current Emperor of that palace, and will keep that title as long as they continue defeating challengers. A player can only be an Emperor of one palace at a time.

Arena PalacesEdit

Demon Palace (紅魔宮)Edit

Level Range: 1-50

Known Emperors:

Holy Palace (碧聖宮)Edit

Level Range: 51-100

Known Emperors:

Sage Palace (竜賢宮)Edit

Level Range: 101-150

Known Emperors:


All Arena fighters will gain experience depending on effort and rounds won.

1st time champions: Emperor Title and a Rare item.

Returning champions may choose from below:

Rare weapon as decided by the pc class of the winner. (aka, twin blade would get a fancy pants twinblade weapon)

MVP Arena access (summoning monsters to train with/collect quest items)