This is the list of things that need doing for the group to run smoothly, updates it needs, or event planning. Feel free to add things as needed

Wiki To-Do listEdit

  1. Go over events with mods/ get event and quest ideas.
  2. Proof read story and pages / fix broken links. (Yo is on this like ugly on an ape)
  3. Discuss 'Story So Far' section with mods, possibly rewrite.
  4. Finish Writing 'Story So Far' section.
  5. Update Who's Online page.
  6. Kick Ju-Yeon into making an app.

Tegaki To-Do listEdit

  1. Finish setting up the npc acc (yok and prinny)
  2. Intro for npc acc and how to work the shows (yok and prinny)
  3. Set up quest npcs n such (all)
  4. Start up a few main entries for roleplay