Though their goal is uncertain, the Azure Knights are A.I who seem to work to protect and repair the areas of the world that CC Corp cant reach. They appear to be players, but not all of them are neatly put together, such as the previous Azure Knights created by Aura, The Core of the world.

Though the three original knights are gone, They are still an active force in the game.

Along with their duty, their abilities were also passed along, such as Data drain to the "Leader" of the knights. Though it takes time, they seem to recover no matter how much of their data is destroyed, and have the ability to battle the corruption of virus, data bugs, and corrupted A.I. Weither they do it in a peacefull manner or not is a mystery.

Although they both work to protect the server, the Azure knights and the Cobalt knights do not work together. Since the Azure knights are A.I, the Cobalt knights would try to delete them like any other A.I.

Current Azure KnightsEdit

Currently, Orion is the only Azure knight. She spends most of her time coasting the servers, searching for infected areas and keeping things clean.

Azure knight CreationEdit

Azure knights are required to be experienced in the game, and of course, An A.I. Once an A.I reaches level 30, they can request from Orion to join the ranks. Though it will depend on her weither they are allowed.