Vagrant AIs (also called "Wandering AIs") are AIs that act outside of CC Corp's programming. Some are allegedly created by hackers for fun or to cause problems, but it's much more likely that they were born from the Black Box itself. Particularly in the early days of The World, contact with Vagrant AIs could cause corruption of PC data. Regardless of origin, Vagrant AIs are targeted for destruction by the Cobalt Knights.

Vagrant A.I's, AIDA, Data bugs such as Kliibu, and others not technicly "Players", are classified as A.I.

AI's will start off at lvl 1, the same as players unless they are from previously and upon request

How to get an A.I

EDIT: A.I characters are now app'able on the mini app page.

When an A.I dies

They return to netslum upon deletion or when their HP hits 0, however they are not all rainbows and gumdrops. When an A.I dies, their data becomes corrupted, meaning they will temperarily lose certain functions, such as talking or attacking or things like that.

How to get repaired

+Master of the Net Slum


+Wait 2 days for A.I to recover itself